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Lavender Blossom Wonder Hand Cream

Lavender Blossom Wonder Hand Cream

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From our friends at Fruu - Turning Wonky Fruits into Earth-Loving Vegan Skin Stuff.

This hand cream is packed with sustainably-sourced hand food that will leave your hands rejuvenated, protected and full of moisture with a relaxing lavender scent!

Features a silky consistency blended with natural essential oils. Fresh grapefruit scent! Packed in a handy aluminium tube, using 95% less plastic!*   *compared to similar products on the market

Key ingredients: 

Avocado Oil: derived from wonky/damaged avocado, contains omega 9, Vitamin A and E

Mango butter: Rich in skin-repairing oleic and steric acid.

Jojoba oil: excellent at repairing impaired skin barrier

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