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Buddy Adhesive Squeegee

Buddy Adhesive Squeegee

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The Buddy Squeegee is a fun twist on a tedious task; the creativity of its design makes the process more enjoyable. Constructed with features like durable, white polypropylene, anti-rust technology, and a streak-free flexible silicone blade, this product maximizes efficiency and practicality. Easy to install, this cleaning tool includes non-damaging, waterproof adhesive strips that can be applied on various surfaces such as tiles, dry wall, concrete, etc. (does not work on porous surfaces). Buddy cleans glass surfaces and wipes away fog, in addition to removing any general build ups on shower walls.

Rust-proof, Buddy Squeegee will continue to look tidy and fresh in your washroom while remaining in good shape, thanks to its durable material.

Measures 10.12 x 7.38 x 1.63" (26 x 19 x 4 cm)


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