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Birthstone Necklace in Gold

Birthstone Necklace in Gold

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We are proud to have this Birthstone Collection from Tutti & Co. 12 pendant necklaces, each one paying tribute to each month of the year.

The perfect birthday gift for jewellery-lovers.


Showcasing real semi-precious stones that represent each month in the year. Set in polished brass with gold plating and featuring a textured ring for a Tutti & Co twist.


January – Garnet
Known for its energising and regenerating properties.

February – Amethyst

Known for its balancing, aura-cleansing properties.

March – Aquamarine
Known for its purifying, soothing and courage-giving properties.

April – White Topaz
Associated with spiritual alignment, inner-strength and love.

May - Green Onyx
Associated with confidence, truth and good fortune.

June – Pearl
Associated with wisdom, stability, modesty and purity.

July – Ruby
Said to bring passion, wealth and courage.

August – Peridot
Said to bring relaxation, inner stillness and prosperity.

September – Lapis
Linked to royalty, power and opulence.

October – Moonstone
Said to be linked to hope, devotion and positivity.

November – Citrine
Associated with joy, confidence and abundance.

December – Blue Topaz
Linked to creativity, opportunity and mental clarity.

Available in both Gold or Silver

Featuring an adjustable rope chain to allow you to tailor the fit to your liking.

Chain Length: 51 cm
Charm Height: 1.4cm
Weight: 7g 

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